"More than 50 years of experience - Concentrated expertise for our clients."

Blank & Partner - Industrial Sales & Marketing
We can, we do. Blank & Partner Sie wollen neue Märkte erschließen und Ihren Wettbewerb überholen? Wir analysieren und ermitteln Ihre Potenziale, definieren verkaufsstarke Maßnahmen und setzen sie in die Praxis um.

Frauke Blank

17 years of experience in industrial services, many years in the field of catalytic processes, special-trained sales manager:
Expansion of international company presence, international client service and market control, development of new markets, frame agreements with international clients, development of cooperations, optimization of project-oriented sales, increase of quality and safety, all B2B-Marketing measures.

Svenja Peters

25 years of experience in B2B advertising, graduated graphic designer, TV author & producer:
Development & production of campaigns in print & TV Text, photography & design of brochures, ads, websites, e-shops
Scripts & direction of broadcast science programs and production of corporate videos.

Till Elsner

10 years of experience in eBusiness for industrial businesses, graduated computer scientist:
IT services, Internet- and Intranet projects, planning, consulting, project management, web and application development, training.